Who We Are and What We Do

The Parents' Club Membership is 369 parents and guardians from 188 parish school families.

Many parents are already pretty familiar with the School and the organizations that support it.  Many are new and not so familiar with how things work.  So, I'd like to explain what Parents' Club is and what we are responsible for.  To start with, you may sometimes hear "school board" or "parent board" or "parents club" mentioned as though these terms are synonymous and interchangeable.   But, they aren't.   School Board and Parents' Club Board are two different boards with different roles. The Parents' Club Board role is to manage and oversee the activities of the St. Theresa School Parents' Club.

The Organization

The St. Theresa Parents' Club was established to more efficiently organize and manage the talent, time and energy of our school parents in support of the School.  Every parent and guardian of a student registered at St. Theresa School is a member of the Parents' Club. Each school family is obliged to support the school financially, as well as by performing a minimum of 35 hours of service each year participating in Parents' Club activities, all of which are critical to the successful operation of the School.

The Parents' Club mission is broad.  Among our many purposes and goals, the most visible are providing volunteer services, assistance activities, and generating financial support.

In turn, Parents' Club regular functions are broad in scope.  We currently have a total of 108 defined Parents' Club Volunteers.  Leadership roles are established to lead and manage a wide variety of functional activities, including:

Committee Chairs, Room Parents and Parent Volunteers work together to perform these functions and fulfill their service hours.   Other high profile activities performed by Parents' Club include: Library Assistance, Field Trips, Teachers' Retreat Hospitality, First Day of School Hospitality & Volunteer Sign-Ups, New Parents Orientation, School Open House Hospitality, Grandparents' / Special Person Day, the popular Book Fair, and numerous other activities.

The Parents' Club Board

The Parents' Club is mandated by its bylaws to provide these volunteer services and conduct these fundraising activities to benefit the School.  The Parents' Club Board has general supervision of the affairs of the organization.  All Parents' Club Committees are organized, recruited, managed and overseen by the Parents' Club Board.  The Parents' Club Board is comprised of elected Officers from St. Theresa Parents' Club and includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.  The Principal also sits on the Board as an ex officio member.  All Parents' Club activities are governed by the Parents' Club Bylaws, and parish and Diocese policy.

Most of the Parents' Club Board's time is devoted specifically to planning, communications, coordination, budget management, and general supervision.   In addition, the Board arranges special events such as Back to School Nights, General Meetings, several Guest Speaker events, and the St. Theresa Christmas Caroling & Dinner Event.

The Parents' Club Board plans and manages an annual operating budget, approved by the Principal, to support the Club's annual Financial Commitment to the School and to fund key activities including Auction, Scrip, Staff and Teacher Appreciation, Spirit, Hospitality, and other miscellaneous expenses.

We are proud and privileged to be among such a talented and dedicated parent community that contributes so much in volunteer service and financial support to the School.

Amelia Driscoll
St. Theresa Parents Club

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