What is Scrip?

Earn money for St. Theresa with your normal shopping!  How?  By using Scrip.

As a St. Theresa parent, you will hear about Scrip all year long.  Every parent must use Scrip to contribute a certain amount to the school every year.

It's easy to do.  Here are 3 examples of using Scrip:

  • You purchase gift cards for stores you already shop at (like Safeway or Starbucks)
  • Swipe a rewards card while shopping for groceries, or
  • Click a button while shopping online

Each time you use Scrip, the school earns a small percentage from your purchase.  Every Scrip contribution counts toward your family's $250 commitment.

For all the details, please download the Scrip Reference Guide at the link below.

Scrip Reference Guide 2017-2018 (PDF)

If you have additional questions or need help, please contact Tracy Ramsey.

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