Like to Shop at Safeway? Use eScrip and Help Your School

Posted by: Tracy Ramsey
Posted date: 01-10-2014

For those of you who prefer to shop at Safeway, rather than Lucky, you too can earn money for St. T! eScrip will contribute up to 4% of the total qualifying monthly purchases you make at Safeway.

The more you spend the larger the percentage (though some items do not qualify - see for details).

It is super easy (and in the long run even less effort than the Lucky SHARES program).

1. Go to Create an account. You want to tie your account to St. Theresa School. Our ID# is 0130515067. You'll also need to register your Safeway Club Card Number.

2. Each time you shop, use your Club Card or enter your phone number.

3. Use any method of payment to pay for your groceries - EXCEPT a credit card! As of 11/1/13, credit card purchases no longer qualify for eScrip contribution. See their website for a complete list of what payments are accepted.

That's it. Create an eScrip account. Tie it to St. T. Register your Club Card. Use your Club Card when you check out. Pay, and done.

You don't even need to keep your receipts. It's all electronic. eScrip reports on who spent how much, and we give you the credit toward your $200 commitment.

As with Lucky SHARES, your family also can help earn money for St. T. Same process as above: Set up an account, tie it to St. T, use their Club Card when they check out, and pay with anything but a credit card.

(If you have a family member participating with their own account, please let me know their names. That way, when I run reports, I'll know they're tied to you, so you get the proper credit.)

The only maintenance for this is that every year between Aug 1 and Nov 1 you must go online to and renew your Club Card. If you don't, contributions will stop. It's pain-free and takes 2 minutes. Put a reminder in your calendar and you're all set.

The contributions come in as follows:

- Spend up to $300 per month on qualifying purchases and get 1%
- Between $300 and $500 and get 2%
- Between $500 and $600 and get 3%
- Over $600 and get 4%

So, if you spend $700 a month at Safeway (total of $8400 a year) and you use the eScrip process? You would earn $336 a year for St. T!

AND - if you buy a Safeway gift card at the website (or from me through the weekly Scrip program) you get a 4% rebate. Use the gift card as your payment method, and now you have 4% from the gift card plus up to 4% on eScrip contributions. This can increase the $336 per year contribution to $672 per year! It is so easy!

Please visit me at the Red Counter if you have questions.

Tracy Ramsey
Scrip Coordinator

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