Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering at St. Theresa's

Q. Do all my hours need to be entered into the time sheet form?

A. Yes, all your hours need to be entered. The time sheet is easy to use and you can make your entries from your mobile device or on your computer.

Q. Why are you making us do all the data entry?

A. We considered different approaches, and decided that this method will be most accurate, will reduce the administrative burden of reconciling, merging, and compiling different Signup reports, and reduce the chance of errors in the handling of all the data on the back end.

Q. How long do we have to complete Volunteer Hours?

A. The Volunteer Year runs from May 1 of the previous school year, to April 30 of this school year. This gives the Parents' Club a chance to tally the hours, and to bill and collect any payments necessary, before the school year ends and the summer begins.

Q. I signed up for Traffic Duty and Event Center Duty for May - June 2019. Will I get credit for them in 2018-2019?

A. No. The volunteering that occurs in May - June 2019, including for Traffic Duty and Event Center, will count toward your volunteer hours and required shifts for 2019-2020.

Q. I just signed up for an event on that is coming up in a few weeks. Can I log my hours now?

A. Please wait until you have completed your volunteering to enter your hours. This will help ensure that actual volunteering time is entered, in case schedules change or volunteering time may not be the same actual duration as the time slot.

Q. How can I check on how many hours I have?

A. We do not have the software capable of giving parents the ability to run a report on their own hours. To maintain privacy, we have decided not to share the master spreadsheet with all parents. However, an hours report will be emailed to each family every month. If you need to know your entries for whatever reason, email Rhys Callahan at, and she will email them to you.

Q. What about automatically capturing hours through

A. For multiple logistical reasons, going back to May 1, 2018, we are NOT using for automatically capturing volunteer hours. There were too many issues with this approach.

Q. I signed up for volunteering at the end of the school year using (after May 1, 2018). I thought the hours were automatically captured. Do I need to re-enter the hours again?

A. Yes, you need to re-enter them into the new system. We apologize for this change of system, but please take a few minutes to re-enter your hours through the new time sheet form.

Q. Will my Traffic Duty Hours be captured automatically?

A. No, they will not. Please enter your Traffic Duty hours through the new time sheet form.

Q. Will my Event Center Duty Hours be captured automatically?

A. No, they will not. Please enter your Event Center Duty Hours through the new time sheet form.

Q. I volunteer frequently and regularly. Can I enter my hours by the month in a large block?

A. No, to maintain accurate records, we ask that you make at least one entry for every day you volunteer. If you are volunteering twice in a day for unrelated tasks, please make two entries.

Q. Do I still get hours for bringing stuff?

A. No, for the sake of fairness, due to the large range in value of items that our parents generously donate, we decided that bringing stuff to class events or other donations will not directly convert to volunteer hours. The time you spent in acquiring or making the items can be logged as volunteer hours (for example, Shopping for forks for class event - 0.5 hours; Getting and cutting up fruit for 25 people – 0.75 hours).

Q. What if I have an idea to make an aspect of the school better? Can I invite myself to volunteer?

A. Yes! Please contact a Parents’ Club member or St. Theresa teacher or staff whose role is relevant to your idea. We appreciate any and all efforts make St. Theresa School a better place. You do not need to wait for a volunteer opportunity to be formally announced.

Q. What if I end up volunteering for the school in a spontaneous moment? For instance, I helped out after a game to haul some stuff and to clean up because the clean-up crew was overwhelmed. Do I get to log those hours?

A. Yes! The time sheet form allows all volunteering hours to be logged, spontaneous or planned. If you put in the effort, you will get credit! But please log such hours only if they were for volunteering for the benefit of the school. We will rely on you to make that judgment call.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Please send an email to Volunteer Coordinator Rhys Cheung (Callahan)

Please continue to log your hours through the new time sheet form! Please try it out if you have already volunteer some time for this school this year.

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