Parents' Club Officers

Ashley Roberts & Bill Hackethal, Co-PresidentsBill and Ashley

Background: Ashley and Bill have been parishioners at St Theresa since 2011, shortly after their daughter Jane, now in 2nd grade, was born. From Denver, Bill graduated from Regis Jesuit High School before moving to San Francisco to attend the University of San Francisco in 1987. Ashley attended Archdiocese of SF schools, UC Santa Barbara, and SF State University. She has spent most of her 23 years as a labor and delivery nurse working at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley. She never tires of helping families deliver their adorable babies. Bill works as a 911 dispatcher for the City and County of San Francisco.

Due to their crazy shift work, they both come and go from work at all hours of the day and night. When not working, they love spending time family and friends and pursuing their quirky hobbies. This year Bill  hopes not to get completely buried under the giant stacks of books that Ashley can’t stop reading, or the piles of stuffed animals that Jane loves to play with. Bill spends his free time looking for new and fun things to cook and planning the family’s next camping trip. With their unusual work schedule neither felt they could handle being a parent club board officer solo, so they will be sharing the duties of VP this year in preparation for taking on the President role next year. They look forward to this commitment and the opportunity to help keep St T’s the special place it is. They are both grateful for all the ways that Catholic School education has enriched and fortified their life and their faith.

President's Duties: The President of the Club, having served as Vice President during the preceding school year, is responsible for setting the meeting times and agendas for the Parents' Club meetings throughout the school year, arranging for speakers, and various events. The President also presides over monthly Parent Board meetings. The President is the Parents' Club Liaison on the School Board and is responsible for attending all School Board meetings. The President must also attend the School Auction (the Club’s largest fundraiser) and stay until the close of the event as well as participate in the cashiering and accounting that takes place the following day. The President, along with other members of the Board, is also responsible for forecasting expenditures and creating and adhering to an annual budget for the Club. The President will then serve as Parliamentarian for the upcoming school year.

Kimberly Gray, Secretary

Kimberly Gray

Kimberly has been involved with St. Theresa School since 2016 and a member of the St. Theresa parish since 2013. She grew up in Dublin, Ohio and is a graduate of The University of Arizona. She has two children, Austin (4) and Mason (6), who is in Ms. Silva's first grade class. Kimberly has a background in Investor Relations and Administration. She and her husband, Michael, moved from San Francisco to Oakland in 2013. Kimberly enjoys spending time with friends and family and looks forward to helping with the Parents' Club.

Secretary's Duties:  The Secretary of the Club must attend all Parents' Club Board and Parents' Club meetings. The Secretary is responsible for documenting and maintaining minutes of these meetings. The Secretary will also maintain a filing and records storage system that includes all correspondence involving Parents' Club issues. The Secretary may also be asked to create and disseminate flyers of upcoming events to members of the Club. 

David Van Beek, Treasurerdavidvanbeek

Background: David was born in San Francisco and grew up in San Luis Obispo. He went to a Catholic Jr. High and was an altar boy. David graduated from Santa Clara University. David is currently consulting and project managing several construction jobs. He has two young daughters, Lola (1st) and Abigail (pre-K). David enjoys reading fiction, snowboarding, and attending San Francisco Giants and Green Bay Packer games.

Treasurer's Duties: The Treasurer of the Club should have a strong commitment to accurate and timely accounting and reporting of all activities related to the Club. This includes, but is not limited to bookkeeping, and handling of receipts and disbursements related to the Scrip, Auction, Parking, and Choice Lunch programs. The Treasurer must also work with the President and Vice President in setting and adhering to an annual budget for the Club. The Treasurer is also required to be present for the cashiering and accounting of the School Auction the day after the Auction as well as being available, on an almost continual basis, for receipts and disbursement issues related to this event. The Treasurer must also make herself/himself available to the Principal and President of the Parents' Club as needed. Additionally, the Treasurer is responsible for reconciling accounts and bank statements. A proficiency in both Quickbooks and Excel is necessary for this position.

Judy Donoviel, ParliamentarianJudy Donoviel

Background: Judy Donoviel has been a St. Theresa parent since 2011. She has two sons, Logan (2nd) and Aiden (4th) and has been very active with the CYO board. She is a graduate of Pepperdine and has a background in healthcare consulting. Judy has been very active with the school and looks forward to helping out with the school board in 2015.

Parliamentarian's Duties:  Having served initially as Vice President and then as President, the Parliamentarian is in a unique position to be a supportive, involved and much relied upon member of the Board.  Attendance at Parents' Club and Parents' Club Board meetings is a critical component of effectively serving as Parliamentarian. The responsibilities of the Parliamentarian include creating and presiding over the Nominating Committee for the following year’s officers.  Understanding and explaining the Bylaws and the correct parliamentary procedures regarding the ongoing administration of the Club is advisable and necessary in accordance with these existing Bylaws.

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